A West Coast Welcome

The United States’ West Coast is the home to countless awe-inspiring Pacific beaches, exhilarating mountain peaks and the country’s largest share of green cities.

Around the globe, destinations face the tumult of extreme weather patterns. California, Oregon and Washington are no exception – most recently battling wildfires that have unfortunately become a way of life in the west.

Though media portrayals of destructive fires are often dramatic, in many cases, active wildfires play little to no part in disrupting a visitor’s experience.

West Coast Travel Facts aims to provide travelers with the most current travel information for California, Oregon and Washington so they can make informed decisions when planning trips to our states.

Because the reality is this:

The West Coast is open for business and ready to welcome visitors.


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Safety is always the top priority of any West Coast vacation destination.

Planning a Trip?

Weighing the pros and cons of a vacation to California, Oregon or Washington? Or thinking about cancelling one already planned? First of all, DON’T! Across the West Coast, tourism infrastructure remains intact, and destinations are still offering the same unforgettable experiences – many of which are better than ever – to travelers from around the globe. Instead, consult these resources first to find the latest, up-to-the-minute information you need to plan your dream West Coast vacation – and in doing so directly helping affected communities recover.


Find the latest on ongoing challenges, air quality, road closures, transportation alternatives, and more to ensure you get the most out of your West Coast experience.

Our Mission

California, Oregon and Washington as a region constitute the biggest leisure travel destination in the country, which is why the three states have come together to form the West Coast Tourism Recovery Coalition.

The Coalition’s mission is to raise public awareness about the hundreds of communities and experiences that rely on tourism throughout the region. Following disasters, the Coalition aims to encourage travelers to return to these communities to help in the healing process by providing the latest resources and up-to-the-minute information regarding affected destinations.

Coalition partners are committed to work together to provide on-the-ground updates to tourism industry businesses and residents, collaborating closely with regions affected by crises and their respective government agencies.

  • Todd Davidson
    “Not only will you have world-class experiences, but you’ll create memories to cherish on the spectacular west coast while also helping your fellow Americans in recovery efforts.”
    Todd Davidson
    Travel Oregon CEO

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