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Oregon invites you to find magic in the wild beauty here.

Ready for new adventures? Oregon is ripe for discovery.

Out here in Oregon you can disconnect from modern life and reconnect with the people who matter most. You can find solace in wildflower meadows or snowshoeing on a wintry trail. Explore the rich sea life of a coastal marine preserve or cruise down a broad sweep of beach on a fat-tire bike. Hike through thick forests to hidden waterfalls and alpine lakes, or uncover the secrets of the desert plains and backcountry peaks.


Oregon isn’t only chock-full of captivating views.

Oregon is as much a feeling as it is a place – the feeling you get when you paddle through downtown Portland at first light, see dew drip from pinot grapes in the Willamette Valley, hike mossy trails in coastal rain forest, hear the wind whistle in frontier ghost towns and watch the sunset on the high desert. Truth is, you really have to be here to get it.

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